Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Website or Blog

After doing a lot of research I have to say I'm overwhelmed with all the information out there! I'm trying to decide if I should go on line with this blog or with a website. I haven't sent out any info on this blog yet to members of the forex trading club but plan to do so whether it's this blog or a website. I want to thank my sister Linda for being supportive as she has a lot of followers on her craft blog site I'm finding that it does take time to do this. I've been so busy with trading, trading seminars and webinars these past few days that time gets away from me. Plus journaling with my trading journal also takes time but I am determined to have an informative and community minded blog or website soon. Thanks all of Linda's friends for your support!


  1. Hi Sharon! Congrats on starting your blog ... I didn't even know until now. Hard to keep up yah? Take Care!

  2. Hi Sharon!! So glad you started a blog, found you on your sister's blog! Welcome to blogland!
    Jodi =)

  3. Hi Sharon! Welcome to blogland. You've got one terrific sister (hi Linda!)and that's how I found your site. Very this for foreign exchange? I think I'll follow you so I can learn more...we used to or tried to invest in purchasing yen then everything went haywire with the American economy (sigh!). Anyway, sometimes its a slow start on the internet then things pick up so don't despair! Linda can help by listing topics you address on her site and send people over here. Hugs, Cami